User's manual


LongoMatch is designed to be very easy to use, exposing the basic functionalities of video analysis in an intuitive interface. Tagging, playback and edition of stored events can be easily done from the main window, while more specific features can be accessed through menus when needed.
LongoMatch can be used for any kind of sports, allowing you to create custom templates with an unlimited number of tagging categories. It also allows you to create custom subcategories and team templates with detailed information on each player, thus offering the perfect combination for a fine- grained performance analysis.

LongoMatch can be used for post-match analysis and supports the most common video formats. It is also ready for live analysis where one can do capturing from Firewire, USB video capturers, IP cameras - or without any capture device at all, decoupling the capture process from the analysis, but having it ready as soon as the recording is done. With live replay, you can review tagged events and export them while still capturing and analyzing the game live.

With LongoMatch you can tag the most important plays of the game and group them by categories to study each detail of the game strategy. Once you have tagged a play, you can review it with a simple click at regular speed or in slow motion, adjusting the lead and lag time of each play, as well as frame by frame, using the timeline.

LongoMatch has support for playlists, an easy way to create presentations with plays from different games. If you prefer, you can export your playlist to create an entirely a new video.

The most important features of LongoMatch are listed below:    

  •  Tag plays in different categories  
  • One-click review 
  • Slow motion review 
  • Adjust the lead and lag time for each play  
  •  Annotations  
  •  Customizable projects using templates  
  • Templates editor 
  •  Projects Manager  
  •  Timeline  
  •  Playlist support  
  •  Video editor 
  •  Export projects to CVS  
  •  Support for the most common video formats